12 High Tech Gifts for Kids This Holiday Season

‘Tis the season for holiday shopping, and when it comes to gift giving, tech is at the top of everyone’s wishes. Spending on tech gifts is expected to reach an astounding $36 billion this year, according to the CTA. That’s a lot of tech!

There are many fantastic options for everyone you’re shopping for, especially when it comes to cool gear and gadgets for kids. Here are 12 tech gift ideas that will be sure to bring joy to those lucky techie tots on your list.

If your kids are constantly eyeing your Apple Watch and wanting to play with it themselves, they will love having a smartwatch of their own. The Kurio Smartwatch has a high-res touchscreen, games, apps and even the ability to send messages to other Kurio watches and Android devices. It also enables parents to enter in an “in case of emergency” contact number and kids’ medical information. ($59.99)

Thanks to its Active Balance Technology, kids (and adults) will be hovering around the neighborhood in no time. Not only can you travel up to 15 miles on a single charge, but the Jetson V6 also features Bluetooth speakers, LED lights, beginner/intermediate/advanced users setting, as well as location tracking. Most importantly, it features flame- and water-resistant construction. Recommended for users over the age of 13. ($399)

If you aren’t quite ready for a hoverboarding kid, the Space Scooter is another cool vehicle option. Instead of running on electricity, this runs on pure kid-power, pumping up and down to get the gears moving. Geared for kids ages 8+, the Space Scooter features air suspension for super smooth scootering. It also folds down for easy portability. ($149.99)

Part cuddly creature, part communication gadget, the Toymail Talkie is a way for kids and loved ones to stay in touch. Using a complementary Toymail app, kids can send and receive voice messages through the Talkie. Parents can also create a “Trusted Circle” of contacts that kids can communicate with for safe and plushy messaging. ($59)

For the full list of 12 tech gifts for kids, check out my original article on The Huffington Post

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