An App for Every Stage of the Baby-Making Process


It’s amazing to see the number of apps available right now for the various stages of baby-making, from conception to delivery to post-natal care. A far cry from when I was pregnant for the first time and dog-eared practically every page of What to Expect When You’re Expecting.

Wherever you are in the process, whether actively trying or already pregnant (congratulations!), here are a few helpful apps:




Ovia Fertility

Ovia Fertility claims to help women get pregnant up to 3x faster than the national average. Using very fancy algorithms, Ovia analyzes all the data you input and gets to know you and your cycles, and predicts when your peak fertility windows are. The more you input, the more customized the app is. (Free, iOS and Android – in-app purchases available)




I’m Expecting

Conception was successful and now you are pregnant. Hooray! Now it makes perfect sense to start comparing your fetus to random fruits and vegetables. Your baby is now the size of a tangelo…Your baby is the size of an eggplant…In addition to those fun facts, first-timers in particular will just be amazed by everything that’s happening inside their bodies. I’m Expecting offers tons of information about your body, your baby, tips, advice and videos that help you appreciate the wonder of it all. Water retention and all. (Free, iOS and Android)




Baby Names

Ah, the very fun process of whittling down the swirling cloud of names to just a few that you and your partner agree on. It can certainly take a while, speaking from personal experience. But having an app with 30,000 names and their meaning, origins and popularity rankings at your disposal can help. At least you can weed out what you don’t want. That’s half the battle. There’s even a Name Genie in the app that offers options that go well with Mommy’s and Daddy’s. (Free, iOS and Android)




Full-Term Labor Contraction Timer

When it comes to be that time, when you can’t remember when you last saw your toes and you feel like someone’s squeezing your bladder 24/7, it might be wise to have a contraction timer at the ready. This app is a very simple way to time contractions and frequency, and it keeps a running log of all the ones you’ve had thus far. Better yet, have your partner be on timer duty. You’ll probably have other things to think about by that point. (Free, iOS – there’s also a similar app called Contraction Timer for Android)





All of that hard work for nine months has resulted in a beautiful bundle of joy. In what seems to be a non-stop cycle of dirty diapers, naps and feeding schedules, an app like MammaBaby can add a little more organization and insight into those exhausting and exhilarating first three months. You can input all types of data like diaper changes, feeding times, amount of sleep, growth and keep track of your baby’s amazing development. (Free, iOS; Feed Baby is a good one for Android users!)

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