Awesome Gadgets for Summer Fun



Once June hits, thoughts of homework, after school activities and the hustle and bustle are quickly replaced with visions of fun camps, long days at the beach and weekend family trips.


Summertime activities can be enhanced with the right tech gadgets, whether you’re boating, beaching or basking. Waterproof, wireless and solar are the name of the game for these summer tech essentials.

Summer fun: UE Roll 2 speaker

UE Roll 2

Every outdoor adventure should be accompanied by summer tunes and the UE Roll 2 is a great option. It’s portable, waterproof and most importantly, can boom your tunes of choice at the beach, pool or patio. ($99.99)


Summer tech essentials: Thermacell mosquito repeller

Thermacell Mosquito Repeller

Those irritating mosquitoes have the ability to ruin any outdoor event. Shoo! But Thermacell products create a 15×15 ft. zone of bug-free enjoyment, while emitting allethrin, a synthetic version of repellent naturally found in chrysanthemums. (Cambridge lantern shown, $29.99)


Summer gadget fun: Spillchill drink chiller


Hot day…blazing sun…warm drink? Boo. A frosty beverage is a summertime must, and the SpinChill can get it for you within a minute. Simple attach your drink (can, bottle or even bottle of wine), place in ice and you’ll soon be sipping a cold – never lukewarm – beverage. Without foam! ($24.99)


Summer fun: ZeroLemon solar charger

ZeroLemon Solar Charger

For those who plan to be off-the-grid without access to electricity (gasp!), consider a charger that’s powered by the sun. Sure, charging times are a lot slower, but having a waterproof power source that’s reliant on natural resources comes in very handy when out in the woods. ($39.99)


For more fun summer gadgets, check out this original article on Huffington Post.



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