Capital One® Makes Banking Easier for Parents

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 Capital One Cafe


When I was a kid, my weekly Saturday routine with my mom involved a trip to the grocery store, the post office and then the bank. I have vivid memories of ducking over and under those divider ropes in line, playing with the pens that were attached by metal beads, and waiting for what seemed like an eternity while my mom talked to the associate in the cubicle.


These days, visiting a bank isn’t the same sort of ritual or necessity as it was when I was younger, especially with the ease of online and mobile banking. But there are times when a trip to the physical bank is required, and on occasion, my kids accompany me. And each time, I hope that the fish tank in the corner keeps them occupied long enough to get my transactions taken care of. When I heard about what Capital One is doing for today’s modern consumer (and busy parents like me), it made me rethink my entire banking experience.


Firstly, the super cool Capital One Cafés give “going to the bank” a whole new meaning. These beautifully-designed and highly-inviting spaces are changing the way we bank, and making those Saturday errands a whole lot more pleasant. Not only is there free Wi-Fi (yes, iPad distraction with the kids is sometimes necessary), but there are also fee-free ATMs. On top of that, who can ignore the coffee and pastries? Score a point for Saturday morning errands. The “Café Ambassadors” (e.g. modern day bankers) can help with goal planning, provide financial advice and, of course, assist with any Capital One account needs. With cushy chairs, flaky croissants and free Wi-Fi, your kids aren’t going to want to leave.


LevelMoney app

Outside of the Cafés, a techie like me can really appreciate all the ways Capital One makes banking easier, whether it’s via an app like CreditWise that lets you see your credit score for free and get access to factors that are affecting your score or LevelMoney, a financial planning app that helps regulate monthly spending. Or even with your voice, thanks to Alexa and Amazon Echo integration. Alexa, what’s my checking account balance?


Juggling the never ending list of to dos, especially on hectic weekends in between games, lessons and practices, is never easy. But Capital One’s services and banking innovations make it a lot more pleasant to check those tasks off the list.


Oh, and did I mention they have pastries?


For more information about Capital One products and services, please visit the company’s website. And Capital One Cafés are cropping up all over the country – three more are opening in Boston alone in the coming months. Click here to see if there’s one near you!

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