Five Subscription Boxes That Deliver Awesome Stuff to Your Door


I love the convenience of subcom (subscription commerce) boxes because you can now get almost anything delivered on a monthly basis. There’s something for every essential like beauty products, clothes, razors, bacon (definitely an essential), and even boxes for survival kits and, um, spicing things up?

Here are five neat boxes that deliver items that you need on a monthly basis:





Perfect product name for someone like me who grazes all day like a Holstein cow. I love the variety of snacks you get (you can choose from 100+ options!) and each box is only $6.99. Very affordable and is a much better and healthier alternative than the huge bag of pretzels I’d otherwise finish off.





Oh, if I had enough time in my life to have well-manicured nails. At least JulepMaven meets me halfway. Its focus is nail polish and you can always count on them for fun and trendy colors. Now, I just need to find a way to actually get the color onto my nails. Boxes start at $24.99/month.





Getting a monthly supply of period supplies might not be as fun as chocolate covered pretzels or a cucumber face mask, but you know you’ll need them which is why this box is so handy. GetJuniper sends out a customized package of items based on your personal preferences. And you’ll never have to make that late-night run to CVS again. Boxes start at $28/month.





The need for a monthly cookie delivery is pretty obvious, isn’t it? The Cravory sends you deliciously baked, gourmet cookies with flavors that will satisfy any sweet tooth. Red velvet, Samoa cheesecake, ultimate chocolate chip and salted caramel cream…ok now I’m salivating. There are even gluten-free options. Boxes start at $9/month.





Monthly jewelry delivery? Sign me up. Jewelmint operates a little differently in that you can choose your picks on a monthly basis from its exclusive showroom. Part monthly subscription, part shopping site, you can pick out one piece, or two or five from its array of beautiful necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings, that suit your style. Prices start at $29 per piece.

Maybe some of these boxes don’t fall under the need category, but if it gives you something to look forward to each month and makes your life a little easier (and sweeter), it’s well worth the cost.

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