5 Gadgets to Upgrade Your House to a Wireless Haven

Are you looking to cut out more wires from your desk, your home, your life? We are entering a new phase of wireless living, thanks to these awesome gadgets.

Amazon Echo

Alexa has become a family favorite for her ability to play music on demand, set timers, tell jokes, even play games. There are a few Amazon gadgets that use Alexa, but the Echo is the most portable and affordable of them all. Plus, you can order toilet paper just by asking.

August Smart Lock

Smart locks are a great option when your kids are old enough to let themselves in. No more worries about lost keys. The August Smart Lock even sends you notifications when status has changed, giving you peace of mind when your kid gets home safely.


Neato Robotic Vacuum

If you’re going to invest in a piece of wireless tech, how about one that gets some chores done around the house? The Neato Botvac D5 Connected is an advanced smart vacuum that navigates turns and corners effortlessly, can be programmed via an app, and, most importantly, checks a to-do off your list.

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