My Three‐Year Anniversary of Leaving Facebook



In 2012, I made what some people think was a very startling decision – I left Facebook. I felt myself getting more annoyed every time I logged on. Primarily because of these reasons:


1) Daily updates about CrossFit workouts and the Paleo meals eaten afterwards

2) Pictures of people’s feet with sand and water in the background

3) Pictures of people’s tropical drinks with sand and water in the background

4) Oversharing posts about potty training successes…and failures

5) Posts complaining about ex‐husbands

6) Pictures of new Mercedes SUVs that wives got from their amazing husbands just “for fun”

(alright, it only happened once)

7) Political rants

8) Videos about dogs flushing toilets

9) Posts about homemade potato chips, hand‐stitched organic cotton clothes, hand‐crafted Mario

Bros.‐inspired Bento lunchboxes and other signs that people have way too much time on their


10) Privacy “updates” Facebook neglected to inform its users about


Sure, sometimes I miss things like cute pictures of friends’ kids and messages about high school reunions, but luckily, there are still many of other means of communication to get me the information I really need to know.


I haven’t freed up any time since leaving Facebook (ahem, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram), but at least


I ogle over photos of salted caramel brownies and cool tech gadgets, and not ones of someone’s half‐drunken strawberry daiquiri.


Is there anything that annoys you about Facebook?

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