3 Apps for Making a Photo Book from Your Phone



After a couple recent trips with the family, including a Mexican adventure at a Karisma Hotel, I have hundreds of vacation photos on my phone that are just waiting to be used. As much as I try to print 4x6s and load them into the family album (yes, those still exist!), I am also pretty strapped for time and am looking for quicker and easier ways to preserve those precious vacation memories. Luckily, there are fantastic options like these three apps, for creating photo books directly from your phone:


Photo books from your phone: Shutterfly



I’m a huge fan of Shutterfly and have been creating photo books through them for the past 10+ years (including my son’s ‘first year’ book, sniff, sniff). The mobile app lets you whip together an 8×8″ 20-page hard cover photo book in just minutes for $29.99. All you have to do is determine which 20 photos you want. You have much more flexibility and many more design options when you create online (adding text/stickers/captions) or even the Photo Story for iPad app, but the phone app provides a basic photo book that gets the job done. (Free app for iOS and Android) *I’d also recommend using the app for photo storage and back-up. You can automatically upload all phone images and it’s unlimited storage, which is pretty incredible.




Photo books from your phone: Mosaic

Mosaic Photo Books


Mixbook, the makers of this photo app, is my go to for holiday card creation, so I was pretty confident the app would be great as well. Similar to Shutterfly, this app is another easy way to get a 20-page/20-image photo books done within minutes. Mosaic books are 7×7″ and cost $25 and also produce a hard cover book with a lovely mosaic linen front cover cutout. Again, customization is pretty limited, though you can create a title for the book in the app. Select 20 images, pick a black or white background, and you’ll have your photo book in four days. (Free app for iOS and Android)




Photo books from your phone: Simple Prints

Photo Books by Simple Prints 


If you’d like a little more flexibility in terms of photo book creation, this app is the one for you. Photo books start at 20 pages, but within each page, you have the option of selecting different photo frames and layouts, as well as adding captions to photos. Customizing each page will definitely take up more time, but it’s nice to have the option. Photos books are 8×8″ and come in both hard cover ($29.99) and soft cover ($14.99) options, and an additional $0.50 per page after 20 pages. A great deal and a more personalized way to create a unique photo book on-the-go. (Free app for iOS and Android)


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