Wake Up and Smell…Your Alarm Clock?



Whether you get woken up every morning by your kid (ahem, 5:14 AM on the dot) or rely on your good ‘ol alarm clock, neither is ideal for rousing yourself out of bed. Ah, how I dream of the day sometime in the future when I’ll be able to wake on my own accord. Alas, artificial awakening – my made-up term for not waking up by yourself – is taking a new digital twist (and sniff) with a new Kickstarter project called SensorWake.




SensorWake tells you the time and features a traditional alarm function, but as the name suggests it’s also an olfactory alarm that uses special scents to bring you out of slumber. Using specially designed cartridges that contain fragrances, SensorWake will begin disseminating these scents into the air to start your morning with wafts of espresso and hot croissant, sweet peach and strawberry candy,  or a few other delicious options. Each capsule is good for about 60 wake-ups and claims to have woken up 99% of its test population (100 people) in under two minutes.




Guillaume Rolland, the 18-year-old inventor, is making waves with this invention, having gotten recognition at last year’s Google Science Fair and already blazing through the campaign. With more than 30 days left, SensorWake has raised half of its total funding goal of $54,751. The entry level for getting a SensorWake is sold out at $66, but the next level up gives you a SensorWake unit and a two-pack of capsules for $88.


I don’t often cover Kickstarter projects because a lot of them never make it past campaign mode, but SensorWake is so intriguing. Is it a nod to what our future may be like? Maybe ‘smell-evision’ isn’t too far off.


For more information on SensorWake, check out the Kickstarter page. 


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