Tech Tools That Make Parenting Easier


It’s hard to imagine a time when “Google” wasn’t a verb and our mobile phones weren’t appendages practically attached to our bodies. Technology has truly changed the way we communicate, interact, and parent, and has certainly introduced many new challenges and benefits along the way.


While we continue to navigate the tricky world of things like managing screen time with our kids, we also applaud the way technology has impacted our lives in many positive ways. Facetime gives grandparents the ability to watch their grandchild’s first steps from across the world, and Facebook can be such a source of support for new or seasoned parents who seek advice and encouragement from others. From a day-to-day standpoint, technology helps keep things organized, save time, and answer essentially any question you have (thanks, Google!). Here are tools we think are changing the parenting game:


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Artkive: Thanks to this handy app for digitally preserving kids’ artwork, you can save every one of your toddler’s scribbles on construction paper, without compromising closet space. Organize artwork by kid in the app and even create printed books—a precious way to memorialize their masterpieces over the years. (Free for up to 40 pieces of art; then membership prices start at $3/month)



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Baby Brezza Formula Pro: Those middle of the night feedings requiring stamina and coordination, especially when stumbling around the kitchen at 3 AM trying to find the formula canister. But thanks to this appliance, you can make a bottle with the touch of a button, and the perfect temperature and consistency. Consider it a Keurig for baby bottles. ($179.99)



For six more essential tech for parents and how they make your life easier, check out the original article on Parents.



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