Using the Sun to Power your Gadgets


With spring finally in the air and the sun shining, many of us will be coming out of hibernation and experiencing what it’s like to live life outdoors again. Long days at the park or soccer field are great, but for those of us reliant on our smartphones, running out of power in the middle of the day can be a real hassle.

There are lots of great mobile chargers out there like mophie, HyperJuice and myCharge, to name a few. But even these mobile chargers need to be charged to charge your phone. Confused yet? Why not rely on the power of the sun with these cool solar powered chargers, for anytime/anywhere power:





Put the CLASSIC2 in the sun for a day and it’ll give you enough power for two charges of an empty smartphone, tablet or e-reader (or even a headlamp or GPS watch that has USB functionality). The three panels can fold together to make it compact and keep handy in your backpack, purse or glove compartment. ($100)




GoalZero Nomad 7

These water-resistant solar panels are a great choice for those adventuring beyond the soccer field and need a power source while hiking or camping. This is suitable for handhelds like smartphones and GPS systems, but doesn’t have enough juice for larger electronics. ($79.99)




EnerPlex Surfr

The EnerPlex Surfr is a solar-powered case that you snap onto your into to keep it protected and charged at all times. It’s surprisingly slim in design and is a nice two-in-one that eliminates the need to carry around another accessory. (Available for iPhone 5/5S/6, $99.99)

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