You Can Turn Your Kids’ Artwork into These?


Kids bring home a lot of artwork, some more worthy of being put into the “keeper” bin than others, but there are times when a real winner comes home that you want to commemorate more than just giving it central placement on the fridge.

For those keepers that you want to preserve, there are two really neat services that can transform them from 2D drawings into a 3D masterpiece.




Kids Creation Station

Kids Creation Station turns any drawing or sketch into an exact figurine replica for your child to proudly display. Using your computer, their iOS or Android app, you can upload a photo of the artwork and then Kids Creation Station does the rest. 3D printing mimics every detail and then a sealant is used to preserve the color.

The cost per figurine is $100 (plus shipping), which is definitely pricey, but makes a really special gift for a piece of art your child is especially proud of. (Turnaround time is about four weeks)





Imagine how thrilled your child would be to see her snuggly hand-drawn bear come to life as a plush toy that she can sleep with and cuddle. Whether it’s a bear, monster or an eight-legged thingamajig, Budsies custom-makes and sews each order, memorializing a special creation and bringing it to life in huggable form. ($69, plus shipping; nine week turnaround time)

Do you have a piece of artwork in mind for either of these cool services?

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