Your Kitchen Appliance Can Do What?

I am fearful of a completely automated and tech-ridden future (robots, drones, mind cloning, oh my!), but I do wish for a future where household chores can be checked off the list with the press of a button. I’m not sure we’ll see a washer/dryer that folds clothes and puts them away in the near future, but there are some awesome appliances available now that give us a glimpse of the kind of innovation to come.


Here are a few that are already on the market:


Belkin WeMo Slow Cooker


Belkin WeMo Slow Cooker

You’re at work when you realize Drat! Forgot to turn on the slow cooker! Not a problem with the Belkin WeMo Slow Cooker. Using the complementary WeMo app, you can turn the appliance on/off, control temperatures and even get alerts when your delicious dinner is ready. All on your smartphone! As for putting the ingredients into the crock pot, well, that’s all you. ($129)




GE Profile Series Wi-Fi Oven

Speaking of cooking remotely, GE has a series of ranges and wall units that allow you to control the oven (but not the burners) from afar via a mobile app. Think: on Thanksgiving Day, you can stay parked on the couch watching football and let the turkey cook itself with the help of your smartphone taps from afar. ($2,000)




Samsung Wi-Fi Enabled Fridge

Feel like sending a tweet when you’re grabbing your breakfast bagel from the fridge? Samsung’s top of the line 4-door fridge features an 8” Wi-Fi LCD screen that lets you check the weather, catch up on the news, access apps and have yet another screen to become attached to. ($3,599)




GE Refrigerator with Built-in Keurig

I’m trying to weigh which I’d want more, a fridge with a screen or a fridge with coffee. For coffee loyalists like me, this GE fridge with a built-in coffee machine sounds simply heavenly. And you don’t have to go far for your milk. It’ll set you back $3,300, but for some of us, coffee is that worth it.




Mr. Coffee WeMo Machine

Alright, I’m not exactly about to drop $3,300 on a coffee machine (with fridge attachment), but this high-tech Mr. Coffee machine is a much more affordable way to get your coffee needs satisfied. If you like your steaming hot cup of coffee upon waking, you can program the brew time from your smartphone while in bed the night before. And if you decide to sleep in, the thermal carafe it comes in will keep your coffee warm for hours. ($149.99)


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